TRIO Summer Success Academy Application

The 2022 Summer Success Academy will run IN-PERSON from July 11th – July 28th.

Classes will run Monday though Thursday from 9:00 am - 3:30 pm with a day trip to Bar Harbor on Friday, July 22

Congratulations on being accepted to EMCC! If you have been placed into developmental math (LAM008 or LAM009) or English (LAE013) class and/or you are concerned about your readiness for college, then please consider enrolling in our free in-person Summer Success Academy (SSA).  This in person program is designed to give students like you a jumpstart on their college experience.  After completing math and/or writing refresher courses, students may be eligible to bypass developmental courses.  For example, if you successfully complete the Summer Success Academy’s math section, you may be able to move up to College Algebra (MAT 116) this fall.

Other benefits of the Summer Success Academy include:

  • All expenses paid trip to Bar Harbor on Friday, July 22.
  • The option to live on campus for free during the academy.
  • Career Studies students can earn one free credit by taking their College Success Course (FYE100)
  • Students who test out of developmental math and/or English courses and complete FYE will graduate earlier and save money
  • Getting familiar with Brightspace, which is EMCC’s new online student learning management system
  • Having free access to EMCC’s tutors throughout the Academy to help you complete your coursework
  • Gain confidence in your math and/or English skills from professional staff
  • Having the opportunity to be one of the first students to join EMCC’s TRIO Student Support Services program

TRIO provides tutoring, advising, $14,000 in yearly scholarships, and other trips and events throughout the year. Visit TRIO Student Support Services to learn more about what TRIO can do for you.

You have three courses to choose from (see below). You can enroll in just the math session, just the English session, just the College Success Course, OR you can take all three sections, the math with the College Success Course, the English with the College Success Course, or the math with the English.

College Success: A 1-credit First-Year Experience course aimed at helping Career Studies students become better prepared for college, and in life by learning highly effective research-based strategies that appeal to various learning preferences and by identifying helpful resources.

Math: Targeted teaching depending on whether the student is enrolled in LAM008 or LAM009 with the goal of advancing from LAM008 to LAM009 or from LAM009 to a 100-level math course.

English: Working with students on their writing skills with the goal of advancing from LAE013 to a 100- level English course such as ENG101 or ENG101L (with a lab)

This year's Summer Success Academy will be on campus. It will typically run from 9:00 am - 3:30 pm, Monday thru Thursday with a trip to Bar Harbor on July 22. "All students attending this year's Academy will be expected to adhere to the College's COVID policies. Visit Here to learn more.

All courses will include in-person instruction, instructor feedback on all assignments, one-on-one tutoring sessions, and individual meetings with the instructors.  

Please refer all questions to Jeremy White at 207.974.4607 or or Mike Schwabenbauer at 207.974.4642 or Applications for each academy will be accepted until June 30th.

If you’re ready to apply, please fill out the application below, and if you have any questions please be in contact with Jeremy or Mike.

We look forward to helping you get a head start on your future,

Jeremy White & Mike Schwabenbauer
Summer Success Academy Directors

To determine eligibility for the TRIO Summer Success Academ program, please complete this application form. The information you provide is required because this is a federally funded program sponsored by the Department of Education and students who wish to participate must meet certain criteria.
Any information that you provide is strictly confidential.

Please remember that applying to the TRIO program does not guarantee admittance to the program.

If you have questions about EMCC’s Student Support Services TRIO Program and/or need assistance filling out this application, please contact the TRIO program director, Mike Schwabenbauer

123 Maine Hall.

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Academic Information
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Major / Program of Study at EMCC

The SSA is made up of three academic courses: College Success, Math, and Writing.
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What do you hope to achieve by attending the Summer Success Academy?

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TRIO participants must be pursuing an associate degree or certificate and planning to graduate from EMCC AND/OR transfer to a four-year college or university after graduating from EMCC.
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Would you like to live on campus in the dorms for free during the Academy?

Eligibility Information
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For FAFSA purposes, I am considered:
(Typically, students who are less than 24 years old, unmarried, and have no children are considered dependent.)

Number of family members in your household (including yourself):
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